Scott Wallace

Therapy and General Manager

Scott is the Therapy Manager and is a Dual Diagnosis and Substance Misuse practitioner for The BONDS Clinic. Scott is also the General Manager and is involved in the day-to-day running of The BONDS Clinic site.

Scott promotes a holistic understanding of the effect that substance misuse can have on the care/treatment on an individual, working with clients initially on a 1:1 basis offering consultation, assessment and relapse prevention.

Scott’s approach is integrative; he uses a range of creative and flexible theoretical concepts and styles to meet the individual needs of each client. His approach is not one size fits all.

Working with individuals and families prior to admission, during inpatient and outpatient treatment and after discharge. As a valued member of the Multi-Disciplinary team he takes part in all initial patient assessments. He delivers health education, relapse prevention and a wide variety of therapeutic interventions to all inpatients. On an outpatient basis Scott also provides a variety of therapeutic services addiction, Dual Diagnosis, mental health issues and family therapies.

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Programme model

Programme model

Our programme model consists of three stages. Stage 1 is detox over 7-14 days, followed by stages 2 & 3 of Consolidation and Relapse Prevention.

We view the recovery process as a minimum of 12 months. Although there is no obligation to continue treatment with The BONDS Clinic after successful completion of a detox in ‘Stage 1’, we would always advise a 12-month treatment programme after detox, and we are more than happy to work with any NHS or independent providers to ensure your recovery suits you.

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Our multi-disciplinary team is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, specialised GPs and includes Registered Mental Health Nurses and therapists. Our nursing team is led by our Clinical Manager and our therapy team is led by our Therapy Manager. We also work with a network of highly skilled practitioners to develop a personal treatment programme to suit you and if you are utilising your medical insurance, we can integrate with their network of therapists and health professionals.

Confidential contact options

Our team of specialists are on hand 24/7 and deal with all enquires with the strictest of confidence. If you don’t feel confident or comfortable to make the initial contact, our request form is available, and a member of our team will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.