Knowing that timing is critical, we aim to make the referral process as simple and swift as possible.

Step 1 – Initial Enquiries

We accept initial enquiries from individuals, family members and all health professionals. Enquires can be made Via our website, contacting our enquiry line on: 0800 033 7200 or emailing: You will speak to health professionals and not sales presentative who provide no obligation information and impartial advice.

Step 2 – Making a referral

Referrals can be made by either the individual choosing to access our service or a health professional. In some circumstances, a spouse or relative can make a joint referral with the prospective patient.

We will then carry out a free initial pre-assessment with all prospective patients over the phone and will aim identify the right treatment package and service for you. Sometimes we signpost our client enquiries to other non-cost service providers including their own local NHS services if appropriate.

The purpose of the pre-assessment is to find out more about you and your current situation. From the information you provide we can firstly determine if our services will be right for you and secondly it provides an opportunity for you to ask us questions so that you can be sure that we are the right service for you.

During the pre-assessment we ask for information on:

  • Your addiction history
  • Your mental health
  • Your stress levels
  • Your family situation
  • Your current social situation
  • Your physical health
  • If you have tried to quit before (either on your own or with help) and discuss what you want from your treatment

All pre-assessments are carried out by qualified professionals only and are completely confidential. If at this point you are progressing to booking your first appointment with The BONDS Clinic, you will be assigned a Qualified Professional member of staff who will be your single point of contact throughout your treatment.

If we are not the service for you, we will endeavour to signpost you to a type of service that maybe suitable, whether this be NHS or Private. We do not receive any re-numeration or endorse any other services that we may identify and will simply suggest options or services that may be worth considering.

Please note: A GP referral letter will be usually be required prior to commencing any medically based treatment.

Step 3 – Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Assessment

At The BONDS Clinic we begin with a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Assessment. This means that you will be review by our team of health professionals who have a variety of professional disciplines. This team assessment is led by out Consultant Psychiatrist and we aim to make the process as relaxed as possible.

The MDT assessment will include Doctors and Health Professionals from medical, psychiatry, nursing and therapy disciplines. All who have additional training and experience with Addiction and Dual Diagnosis. This assessment will focus on your current situation as a whole, deriving from a Bio-Psycho-Social model of care. This means during our assessment will we ask questions that determine the psychological, biological/medical and social factors that could be contributing to your individual situation. Our aim is to work with you to correctly identify and develop your personalised treatment pathway.

  • Consolidation and Relapse Prevention

    Our Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme is a 12 month programme consisting of inpatient and outpatient. Within this 12 month programme the patient will go through:

    • Consultant-led Dual Diagnosis
    • Addiction-focused talking therapy
    • Medicated relapse prevention
    • Naltrexone implants
    • Re-integration into society – work & family

    Our aftercare model is here to support you when you leave the clinic and our team are here if you feel you need an extra hand or struggling to re-integrate back into society or the home environment.

    View Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme
  • What happens if I relapse

    Here at The BONDS Clinic we never judge or criticise; we’ll do our best to support you on the path to recovery. We would expect there may be some cravings at times and these cravings could increase the risk of relapse. If a relapse happens, this is by no means an admission of defeat. In fact we see this as a learning and how we help prevent relapse in the future. We have many options to consider if you do relapse and our dedicated team are on hand to work with you on the areas that contributed to relapse.

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Meet the team

Our core multi-disciplinary team is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, specialised GPs and includes a Registered Mental Health Nurse and a Substance Misuse and Dual Diagnosis Practitioner and Therapist. We also work with a network of highly skilled practitioners to develop a personal treatment programme to suit you.

Meet the team
Meet the team

Know someone with an addiction?

The BONDS Clinic work with you and your family, offering a comprehensive Family Support Program.

It can be challenging if a loved one has an addiction, sometimes having a negative effect on relationships, home environment and family dynamics.

It may be difficult to spot the signs of addiction and how best to approach them in taking those first steps towards recovery.

The BONDS Clinic feel that we should all be empowered to support and seek treatment for our loved ones when they need it most but also remember we are here for you as well. If you think a loved one may have an addiction, we are here to help.

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