Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does COVID19 affect the service?

    Yes, we have implemented safety procedures in order to manage infection control and prevention and keep our service running effectively. In line with UK Government guidance, we have amended our admission procedure and also support all patients to integrate into a social hub within Pasture House. We politely insist that all patients undergo a COVID19 Antigen test upon arrival and also 5 days into your stay.
    All our staff have undertaken specific COVID19 management and training in order to risk assess all aspects of your care. All staff participate in COVID19 antigen testing twice weekly and use personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout all interactions.

  • What should I expect during Detox?

    Each individual will experience very different symptoms depending on the severity of their substance misuse, the length of time they have been using, and of course the type of substance misuse that is taking place. However, some aspects of rehabilitation are similar across the board regardless of the individual factors. During treatment, each patient is monitored by our round-the-clock professional medical team and action will be taken to soothe the withdrawal symptoms as best as possible. We use medication on a reducing regime which may be given for a short period of time to help the body as it learns how to function normally once again.

    During the initial period without drugs, the patient is likely to experience a number of both psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. The body and the brain functions need a period of time to readjust to functioning without the substance present and the adjustment period can lead to various withdrawal symptoms that will be managed by our experienced team. We also advocate the use of therapy, occupational activity and complimentary holistic therapies as part of your treatment and recovery. Please feel free to discuss this further with our staff.

  • Will the detox hurt?

    At The BONDS Clinic, we strive to make patients’ detox experience comfortable, safe and successful. A typical stay is between 7-14 days and during that time we treat you for the discomfort of withdrawal with medications and therapies, as needed. You will have around-the-clock care to monitor your health and well-being.

    As each individual is unique, your treatment plan will be tailored to you and we work with you and your loved ones to ensure all of your needs are being met.

  • Am I on my own?

    Pasture House is a 6 bedded private only unit, provide a safe place of healing that is serene and well-considered to provide the greatest possible comfort during treatment and recovery. Within our walls you will find the sanctuary you need to focus on your recovery. We offer only single ensuite accommodation housed within a warm, comfortable and homely environment.

  • Can I bring my phone and laptop?

    During detox access to laptops and mobile phones are restricted. However, special arrangements can be made for individuals who need to conduct business or important personal matters.

  • Can I smoke?

    We are a no smoking building, however there is an outside area that is set aside for patients who choose to smoke. Smoking cessation advice is available along with the availability of nicotine replacement gums and patched, please speak further with our medical team for more advice and information.

  • Can I bring other medications with me?

    No. Certain medications may be unsafe while in detox and can be detrimental to the detox process. At The BONDS Clinic we carry out a detailed pre assessment which includes detailing all medications you are currently taking. Each of your prescription medications will be checked by our medical staff to see if it is safe to take whilst undergoing a detox. Where needed, our doctors can prescribe your regular medication whilst you are admitted. You will have access to qualified nursing staff24/7 who can alert Drs to your current needs and amend prescriptions immediately as needed during your treatment.

  • Can loved ones visit?

    We do not allow in-person visitations during detox. This is very important and trying time for the mind and body, so patients need the ability to focus on themselves completely. We do allow phone calls to family members once approved by staff. When someone completes a detox and enters an inpatient program or is admitted for mental health treatment, visitation rules are typically more relaxed.

  • How do I contact a patient at the facility?

    Once admitted to our Pasture House, patients are encouraged to complete a Consent to share information form for friends, family, GPs, etc. Due to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) we are not allowed to confirm or deny any patient’s attendance at our facility without a signed release of information. These laws are in place to protect the privacy of those who are seeking treatment. If your loved one does not specify you on their list of consented contacts, what we can do is take down your name and information as well as any message you have. If the person you are needing to contact is at our facility we will make sure they receive the message as soon as possible.

  • What should I bring?

    While you are staying with us, we will provide meals, bedding and towels, laundry facilities, and basic personal care items, including soap and shampoo upon request. Here is a list of what we recommend you bring with you into treatment:
    Personal Toiletries — These will be provided, but most patients prefer to bring their own personal toiletries, including shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, shaving items, and feminine hygiene products. Please ensure all items are unopened.
    Clothing — Bring a week’s worth of comfortable, seasonally appropriate clothing. Clothing must not contain any alcohol/drug-related messaging. A Laundry service is also included within your package for your use.

    Bringing pictures of friends and family will help support you through the process. A journal or notebook is recommended so you can write about your experiences and thoughts while entering recovery.

    Books/magazines/games console can also be brought into the clinic.

    We do not recommend that you bring items of value into the clinic, however a small safe is available within your bedroom.

  • What are the surroundings like? Can I be seen entering? Is it obvious it’s a detox unit?

    We are situated within the historic Broughton Hall estate, in rural North Yorkshire. You will arrive at our private one-mile driveway through our field and meadow land until you approach the private gated Pasture House site. There are no other properties located within the full site. We ensure full discretion and there are no signs advising what type of service we offer.

  • Is treatment confidential?

    Yes. We believe in complete and total confidentiality and privacy for all of our patients. We take extra measures to make sure we go above and beyond GDPR and health privacy standards. If you are concerned about specific privacy requirements, please feel free to reach out and we can answer your questions.

  • Consolidation and Relapse Prevention

    Our Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme is a 12 month programme consisting of inpatient and outpatient. Within this 12 month programme the patient will go through:

    • Consultant-led Dual Diagnosis
    • Addiction-focused talking therapy
    • Medicated relapse prevention
    • Naltrexone implants
    • Re-integration into society – work & family

    Our aftercare model is here to support you when you leave the clinic and our team are here if you feel you need an extra hand or struggling to re-integrate back into society or the home environment.

    View Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme
  • What happens if I relapse

    Here at The BONDS Clinic we never judge or criticise; we’ll do our best to support you on the path to recovery. We would expect there may be some cravings at times and these cravings could increase the risk of relapse. If a relapse happens, this is by no means an admission of defeat. In fact we see this as a learning and how we help prevent relapse in the future. We have many options to consider if you do relapse and our dedicated team are on hand to work with you on the areas that contributed to relapse.

    View Relapse Prevention

Meet the team

Our core multi-disciplinary team is led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, specialised GPs and includes a Registered Mental Health Nurse and a Substance Misuse and Dual Diagnosis Practitioner and Therapist. We also work with a network of highly skilled practitioners to develop a personal treatment programme to suit you.

Meet the team
Meet the team

Know someone with an addiction?

The BONDS Clinic work with you and your family, offering a comprehensive Family Support Program.

It can be challenging if a loved one has an addiction, sometimes having a negative effect on relationships, home environment and family dynamics.

It may be difficult to spot the signs of addiction and how best to approach them in taking those first steps towards recovery.

The BONDS Clinic feel that we should all be empowered to support and seek treatment for our loved ones when they need it most but also remember we are here for you as well. If you think a loved one may have an addiction, we are here to help.

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