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The BONDS Clinic is an outcome and results driven, family run addiction treatment facility which places abstinence at the forefront of its highly successful addiction protocol. 97% of those that complete the 1-2 week detox treatment are abstinent on departure. 66% of those that complete our 12 month Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme remain free from addiction upon discharge.

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With our 7-Day Detox
Our outcomes speak for themselves

It works because the team genuinely care. They take the time to get to know you and your situation and this makes it personal. Thank you, I can’t thank you all enough.
Everything is going very well. The boys have turned around things so much that we are much happier and stronger as a family.
The staff and therapist cared for me as a person not just an addict. Helped me believe in the woman I could become. Helped me get through all of my emotional issues I was dealing with at that time and continuous support through my journey.
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Who are we?

BONDS stands for Beaini Opioid Naltrexone Detoxification System and was first founded by Dr Amal Beaini over 20 years ago. Outcome driven from the start, The BONDS Clinic has become one of the global leaders in addiction treatment.

Our ethos is to provide a high quality, personalised care that is tailored to the individual: we do not believe that one size fits all!

Based within the idyllic landscape of the Broughton Hall Estate in North Yorkshire, it provides the scenic backdrop to continue your abstinence journey after detox with our holistic and complementary therapies, giving you the tools to prevent relapse, stay abstinent and get back to life. The BONDS Clinic specialise in opioids, prescription medication, alcohol, cocaine and more.

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What we treat

At The BONDS Clinic we treat a wide variety of addictions including alcohol, prescription medication, cocaine, cannabis and many more. Research shows that up to 70% of those requiring addiction treatment have underlying mental health issues, which is why our programme is tailored around Dual Diagnosis to treat any underlying causes, as well as the addiction itself. If you don’t have an addiction but have a mental health issue instead, we specialise in that too. Our specialist mental health professionals can work with you to create a personalised treatment package.

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Our services

Our services consist of three stages, stage 1: 7-14-day Detox, stage 2-3: Consolidation and Relapse Prevention. With 66% of our opioid patients remaining abstinent after 12 months* compared to some published data at an average of 8%, we encourage our patients to undertake all three stages. Within the Consolidation and Relapse Prevention phase The BONDS Clinic offer therapy, Naltrexone, Dual Diagnosis and a Mental Health programme. Find out more below.

  • 7-Day Detox

    Your journey to recovery begins at our inpatient facility within The Broughton Hall Estate in North Yorkshire. You’ll first meet the team at our purpose-built facility Pasture House for a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) assessment before your detox begins. The majority of detoxes are expected to be completed within 7 days, and those with more complex multiple addictions or significant mental health disorders may require 14 days (or possibly longer). Find out more about what is involved in the detox here

  • Consolidation and Relapse Prevention

    After a successful detox, we encourage our patients to undertake a Consolidation and Relapse Prevention programme. At The BONDS Clinic, we see this as a 12-month programme tailored to you to ensure we provide the best support that we can for your recovery.

    Our programme consists of various options depending on your requirements, for example Dual Diagnosis if you have a mental health disorder as well as an addiction, therapy and Naltrexone therapy. These options are carefully considered within your Consolidation plan and implemented within your Relapse Prevention programme. Your recovery to getting back to life is closer than you think. Find out more here

  • Dual Diagnosis

    Did you know that up to 70% of those requiring addiction treatment may have underlying mental health disorders?

    A Dual Diagnosis programme means we are treating the addiction as well as a mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. We believe that finding the root cause of an addiction is essential to relapse prevention. Find out more about Dual Diagnosis here

  • Naltrexone

    In the UK, oral Naltrexone is licensed for relapse prevention in opioid-dependent or alcohol dependant patients. Opioid receptors play a role in the reward system in the brain, meaning that blocking them with Naltrexone may reduce the pleasurable ‘hit’ and can also reduce cravings in a range of addictions. One of the hardest challenges is to remain addiction-free long term, with options of oral tablets or implant depending on the requirements, The BONDS Clinic will consider if Naltrexone or other similar medications could support your recovery programme. Find out more here

Confidential contact options

Our team of specialists are on hand 24/7 and deal with all enquires with the strictest of confidence. If you don’t feel confident or comfortable to make the initial contact, our request form is available, and a member of our team will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Know someone with an addiciton?

It can be challenging if a loved one has an addiction, sometimes having a negative effect on relationships, home environment and family dynamics.

It may be difficult to spot the signs of addiction and how best to approach them in taking those first steps towards recovery.

The BONDS Clinic feel that we should all be empowered to support and seek treatment for our loved ones when they need it most but also remember we are here for you as well. If you think a loved one may have an addiction, we are here to help.

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